Neil Stones
Director & Senior Project Manager

Neil formed the company in 1987 and from that time Neil has been involved in disabled adaptation work on various properties and designs throughout the UK. With Neil’s knowledge and experience in adaptations on individual homes, he can advise the client which adaptation and specialist equipment can best suit their needs. Neil is also a hands-on boss who gets involved with excavations and ground works. He finds it hard to keep away from each ongoing project as he likes to oversee the progression of the works. It gives customers the peace of mind knowing that the Director is on site at certain times and actually working.

Jill Stones
Director & Company Secretary

Jill is office-based and is in charge of all invoicing and accounting.

Alexandra Ellis
Quantity Surveyor

Alex is a dedicated employee who controls all priced tender documents and valuations. She liaises with each project architect and quantity surveyor with details of expenses and savings.

Malcolm Hall
Health & Safety Manager

Malcolm has been with the company for over 10 years. He sets up each new site with a view to maintaining a high standard of health & safety. He also carries out site inspections at weekly intervals to maintain the welfare of all our employees on site. He holds monthly meetings with all employees to discuss any issues and also acts as a liaison officer between staff and management.

Lisa Wilson

Lisa handles all telephone enquiries and deals with visitors. She is a very organised and efficient member of the team who gives help and administrative support to everyone in the office.

Roger Crossley
Site Project Manager

Roger has been with the company for 15 years and is an experienced bricklayer. He is also a site project manager for all the multi trades on site to a very high standard. He expects the highest quality work from each trade.

Steven Scarrott
Site Manager

Steven has worked for our company for 17 years from leaving school as an apprentice bricklayer. He has worked his way up through the ranks and now organises and runs projects throughout the UK. Steven is a multi trade person who has very high standards of workmanship to keep to.

John Tarmey
Site Manager

John has been with the company for 10 years. He is a carpenter by trade who has a very high standard of workmanship for others to follow. He is a very dedicated, conscientious individual.

John Andrews
Site Manager

Since John started with us 19 years ago he has worked his way up through the company. He oversees all projects from start to completion.

Mark Deakin

Mark has been with the company since January 2016 and is responsible for the sourcing of products and materials.